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CD14/apo E double knock-outs

Availability: in stock, currently can be shipped

To inquire about obtaining these mice contact Mason Freeman.

The CD14 null we generated were intercrossed with apo E mice from JAX. The latter were > ten generations backcrossed into C57BL/6J and the CD14 nulls were back-bred into C57BL/6J mice for six generations. They are housed at Charles River Laboratories and can be shipped directly from CRL.

Shipping and handling charges are subject to CRL costs and are borne by the requesting lab. The CD14 animals were first described in the publication Moore, KJ, Andersson LP, Ingalls RR, Monks BG, Li R, Arnaout MA, Golenbock DT, and MW Freeman. Divergent response to LPS and bacteria in CD14 deficient murine macrophages. J Immunol 2000;165:4272-4280.

Support for the generation of these back-bred animals was provided in part from the National Center for Research Resources (grant RR14466)

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