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Faculty & Staff

Bioinformatics Center

John Aach (HMS) Postdoctoral Fellow
Adam Boc (MGH) Software QA
George Church (HMS) PI
Chuck Cooper (MGH) Sr. Director of Bioinformatics
Jonathan Delgado (MGH) System Admin
Joel Graber (BU) Instructor
Danny Park (MGH) Programmer, Webmaster
Christina Powell (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Sean Quinlan (BU) Programmer
Wayne Rindone (HMS) Postdoctoral Fellow
Jay Shendure (HMS) Graduate Student
Temple Smith (BU) PI
Martin Steffen (HMS) Postdoctoral Fellow
Jonathan Urbach (MGH) Programmer
Xiaowei Wang (MGH) Programmer

Education & Training Center

Temple Smith (BU) PI

Macrophage Activation

Harry Bjorkbacka (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Carolyn Cannon (HMS/Channing Lab) Instructor in Pediatrics
Cuffy Chase (MGH) Research Technologist
Michael Fitzgerald (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Mason Freeman (MGH) Program Co-Director & PI
Sherry Haydock (MGH) Co-Investigator
Stuart Houser (MGH) Co-Investigator
Stephanie Koehn (MGH) Research Technician
Michael Kowalski (HMS/Channing Lab) Graduate Student
Martin Lee (HMS/Channing Lab) Postdoctoral Fellow
Melinda Lee (MGH) Research Technician
Jeffrey Lyczak (HMS/Channing Lab) Instructor in Medicine
Joren Madsen (MGH) Co-Investigator
Christine Ordija (MGH) Research Technician
Gregory Priebe (HMS/Channing Lab) Research Fellow in Medicine
Nina Reininger (HMS/Channing Lab) Graduate Student

Microarray & Sequencing Center

David Levin (MGH) Facilities Manager
Tara Holmes (MGH) Director, Research Laboratory Automation
Amy Avery (MGH) Research Technician, Automation
Kathryn Bembas (MGH) Research Technician, Automation
Kalyani Gampa (MGH) Research Technologist, Automation
Glenn Short (MGH) Director, Microarray and Protein Evolution
Jocelyn Burke (MGH) Research Technician, Microarray
Najib El Messadi (MGH) Research Technologist, Microarray
Jason Frietas (MGH) Research Technician, Microarray
Zhiyong Ren (MGH) Research Technologist, Microarray
Stephen Belmonte (MGH) Director, Sequencing
Karen Armstrong (MGH) Research Technician, Sequencing
Daniel Collette (MGH) Research Technician, Sequencing
Shukui Guan (MGH) Director, High-Throughput DNA Synthesis
Jay Klaren (MGH) Director, DNA Synthesis
Andrew Moeller (MGH) Research Technician, DNA Synthesis
Mason Freeman (MGH) Program Co-Director & PI
Brian Seed (MGH) Program Co-Director & PI

Model Center

Mason Freeman (MGH) Program Director & PI

Pathogen Interactions

Fred Ausubel (MGH/HMS) PI
Eliana Drenkard (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Daniel Lee (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Nicole Liberati-Moore (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Sachiko Miyata (MGH) Research Technologist
Gerald Pier (HMS/Channing Lab) PI
Jonathan Urbach (MGH) Bioinformatics Specialist

Protein Networks

Burckhard Seelig (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Glenn Short (MGH) Director, Microarray and Protein Evolution
Jack Szostak (MGH/HMS) Program Director & PI

Proteomics Center

Jack Szostak (MGH/HMS) Program Director & PI

Signal Transduction

Chengyu Jiang (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Soon-Young Na (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Felix Randow (MGH) Postdoctoral Fellow
Brian Seed (MGH) Program Director & PI
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