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Genetic Dissection of Stress Pathway Signal Transduction

Principal Investigator: Brian Seed


Recent evidence has suggested that cytokine and stress signaling pathways may be intimately involved in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. The nearly ubiquitous expression of cytokine receptors and the increasing evidence that many cell types outside the immune system are affected by inflammatory signals argue for a closer examination of the underlying signal transduction pathways.

Specific Aims:

  1. To create reporter cell lines that allow identification of genes promoting activation of stress and inflammation pathways.
  2. To develop and exploit automated sib selection strategies to identify new molecules that activate stress and inflammation pathways.
  3. To use microarray analysis to understand the genotypes of mutant cell lines bearing lesions in stress and inflammation signal transduction pathways.

Learn More

To learn more about the Genetic Dissection of Stress Pathway Signal Transduction project, Visit the Seed Lab Web Site.

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