PCR Primers for Gene Expression Detection and Quantification
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Related Bioinformatics Programs

MGH-PGA Proteomic Tools PCR Primer design for peptide sequences
Oligo Calculator -- to calculate Tm, GC%, etc for a given oligo.
Primer3 Web based primer design program
Web Primer Web based primer design program

Other Primer Databases

RTPrimerDB - Real Time PCR Primer and Probe Database Real time PCR primers submitted by researchers.

Real Time PCR Primer Sets Real time PCR primers submitted by researchers.

The Quantitative PCR Primer Database (QPPD) provides information about primers and probes that can be used for human and mouse real time RT–PCR assays. All data has been gathered from published articles, cited in PubMed.

IMGT/PRIMER-DB, the IMGT database for primers of the immunoglobulins (IG),  T cell receptors (TR) and related proteins of the immune system (RPI).


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